Surveillance Cameras in Moscow Will Be Upgraded

Surveillance Cameras in Moscow Will Be Upgraded

08 октября 2014, 09:08    401

2014-10-08 09:08:17

The IT department plans to upgrade Moscow city video surveillance system, as reported by the source in the department. 

According to these plans, software update will grant the devices a number of intelligent functions. Thus, the cameras will automatically change the view angle at regular intervals - until now, system operators had to perform this routine manually. Cameras will also be "taught" to take photos for photo archive. It is expected that each surveillance route will have an archive consisting of almost 20 000 photos. 

In addition, all cameras will be bound to their geographical location, which will allow security services to access video feeds with the help of navigation services, such as “Moscow Electronic Atlas” or “Yandex”. 

Beside professional services, citizens and commercial organizations will also be able to get access to the cameras upon request. The requested information will be provided in the form of limited duration links.

The project is planned to be fully implemented by December 15 of the current year. The cost is estimated at 36 million rubles.

According to experts, one of the main advantages of this modernization is the possible increase of storage times of data received from the cameras. According to Mikhail Braude-Zolotarev, Director of the Center of IT Research and Expertise of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, "currently, the archives store video records for five days, but photos could be stored for several months." 

Creation of photo archives will greatly facilitate the recognition process. "In order to recognize a license plate, it is often necessary to convert a video fragment into a static image," - explains Mikhail Braude-Zolotarev.

Ilya Avdeev, Brand manager of Beward, told RUBEZH magazine that from a technological standpoint, the project is not a very complex one, and is being implemented in cooperation with software vendors. "As for our cameras installed in Moscow, they are technically able to perform all these tasks. We just need to add additional functionality into the firmware" - said representative of Beward. 

Representatives of the IT department did not comment whether there will be a tender for the project or the contractor has already been chosen, but a number of companies - vendors of software and various video analytics systems, surveyed by RUBEZH magazine, expressed their interest and willingness to participate in the project.


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