State Duma Considers a Proposal for Banning Procurements from Foreign Manufacturers

State Duma Considers a Proposal for Banning Procurements from Foreign Manufacturers

01 августа 2014, 09:04    426

2014-08-01 09:04:48

Communist Party deputies Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov introduced a bill on prohibiting state and municipal customers from purchasing foreign goods and services. In their opinion, the ban should not apply in cases when equivalents of imported goods are not available. In these cases, the government will grant special permits.

It is planned to grant priority to the goods associated with the Customs Union. According to deputies, it is advisable to move away from economic relations with the "aggressor countries." The authors of the legislative initiative emphasize that the document is aimed to protect Russian domestic market, to stimulate the development of national economy and to support domestic manufacturers. The lawmakers oppose spreading of the ban on purchasing imported goods and services among individual persons. 

As a reminder, we shall note that a government decree, determining the list of equipment prohibited from purchasing by federal, regional and municipal government agencies came into force since July 15 of this year. In particular, the stop-list features fire vehicles manufactured outside Russia, Kazakhstan or Belarus.


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