"SpaceTeam Holding Company" Presents New Cloud Service

"SpaceTeam Holding Company" Presents New Cloud Service

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2014-07-28 08:39:21

"SpaceTeam Holding Company" launches new cloud navigation and information service, which allows users (both small transport companies and regional operators) to manage traffic quickly without the necessity to work only with certain workstations. ST Flagman Web® web-application is based on innovative telematics platform. 

The key task of the new SaaS application is to help customers effectively manage transport business processes and make the right management decisions in a few clicks. The software can be accessed from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet pc, laptop) via web-browser anywhere on the globe. All information on each transport unit is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any moment. 

ST Flagman Web® works in real-time and provides tools for transport movement monitoring (including data on vehicle condition, parameters, and routes); the application also provides interface for live management of transport operations and tracking of various event triggers such as emergency signals, peripheral sensors signals or course deviations). The application helps to monitor compliance with schedules and route assignments. 

"When you use web-applications for transport monitoring you get a number of advantages. Firstly, cloud services do not limit the number of workplaces where required functions can be accessed, secondly, you don’t have to install the software on each computer, thirdly, cloud applications save the cost of server hardware and services of technicians, and finally, updates for web-applications are delivered transparently to the user, "- said Alexei Smyatskih, CEO of "SpaceTeam Holding Company". 

ST Flagman Web® has a modern, well-designed user interface based on current web-design trends and the company’s huge experience in the development of dispatching software. ST Flagman Web® allows the user to customize the program’s interface through templates for specific tasks or for a certain type of transport. 

"Desktop" and "References" are the two independent interface areas of ST Flagman Web®. Tasks of operational control and analytics are performed in the Desktop area, while the other area provides tools for processing of administrative tasks of various difficulty levels. Desktop section allows for multitasking (users can work with a number of independent tasks or can synchronize various parameters of different tasks). Each active task window has a settings panel, where users can change parameters in a single click. 

For user convenience and possibility of further expansion, the References section is divided into several categories. Different specialists will see a different set of directories open for editing. ST Flagman Web® allows users to customize access rights for the entire References section or for individual articles (for example, a dispatcher can be granted access to a particular group of vehicles). Web-application allows users to plug in maps from a variety of Internet tile map services, including standardized WMS-services (e.g ArcGIS applications). By default, ST Flagman Web® utilizes OpenLayers cartographic library and maps by OpenStreetMaps. 

ST Flagman Web® also features an editor of custom user areas and objects. For example, custom data can be used for automatic generation of transport location description or for generation of warning messages. Custom user areas and objects can be linked to certain transport group. While working with ST Flagman Web®, dispatchers can easily switch between time zones, which greatly simplifies the process of transport monitoring on the territory of Russia. 

"If you look from the perspective of a regional operator, the use of cloud services allows you to expand your client base by maintaining entry-level mass solutions, starting from the smallest enterprises and individual users. Dealers using ST Flagman Web® can reduce the cost of software support services and can count on reduced time of introduction of vehicle monitoring systems", - adds Svetlana Hadonova, Marketing Director of “SpaceTeam Holding Company”.

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