Pulkovo does not meet safety requirements on the eve of G20 Summit

Pulkovo does not meet safety requirements on the eve of G20 Summit

03 сентября 2013, 16:45    523

2013-09-03 16:45:01

Rostransnadzor (Federal Transportation Inspection Service) in North-West federal district completed airport Pulkovo's inspection and uncovered serious violations in passengers' safety observation. The inspection took lace on the eve of G20 Summit, which is to take place in Saint Petersburg in the beginning of September. Delegations from more than 30 countries are planing to visit the Northern capital this year. For safety reasons the airport will be closed for the time being of the international event. Pulkovo will be working for delegations' airplanes only.

Special attention was given to the functioning of the airport's aviation and transportation safety. Fire preventing and emergency systems were closely inspected as well.

According to information given by “Izvestia” newspaper, results of the inspection leave much to be desired. The newspaper was given access to inspectors' report. Thus, the controlled zone of the airport can be conveniently entered through the technical entrance located next to the construction site of the governmental speedway, where security measures are cut down to one employee of the Aviation Security Service only. The height of Pulkovo's fence does not meet the norms. Luggage storage area inside the airport building is not equipped with stationary inspection systems. There is only one explosives' detector working for two terminals. The VIP hall entrance door is not equipped with security locks and alarm system.

Apart from that, inspectors discovered that Pulkovo does not carry out people's identification through personal documents, and cars license plate numbers are not being registered. Information from electronic safety systems is not transmitted to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service. Pulkovo does not have any special admission system for access to controlled zones, which can be used by emergency rescue services and special transportation.

Rostransnadzor assigned to remedy all violations by October 25.

Источник: http://izvestia.ru

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