Personal Gadgets of Moscow Officials Will Be Checked For Possible Security Leaks

Personal Gadgets of Moscow Officials Will Be Checked For Possible Security Leaks

26 августа 2014, 09:52    668

2014-08-26 09:52:03

Heads of Moscow Information Technology Departments received a request to inspect electronic applications that provide distance work possibilities for Moscow officials. 

The request was filed by Alexei Lisovenko, a municipal deputy of Babushkinskiy district, and head of the "City Initiatives" fund. Lisovenko asserts the necessity of the inspection due to the increasing number of cases when mobile devices of high-ranking Russian government officials were hacked.

Lisovenko believes that, despite the use of specially designed secure applications for work with documents and work-related e-mail, measures should be taken to prevent possible leaks of City Hall documents, as well as of personal data of citizens who file appeals to heads of departments, councils and prefectures. 

Employees of the federal government received an additional reminder in the form of recommendation to refrain from using personal email when working with sensitive information.


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