Panasonic Opens Research and Development Center in "Skolkovo"

Panasonic Opens Research and Development Center in "Skolkovo"

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2014-12-25 10:53:24

Panasonic research and development center will start work in 2015. According to Shigeo Suzuki, Head of the corporation’s office in Russia, creation of the new unit is part of the company's plan on localization of products and technologies.

It is expected that within 2 years, staff of the center will consist of 30 Panasonic Russia specialists. More than 160 million rubles will be allocated for the project implementation.

New staff members will be engaged in the development of new energy efficient solutions for high-tech and energy-intensive sectors of the Russian economy. Particular attention will be focused on electricity storage systems and on alternative energy sources. In addition, the center will adapt to the needs of industrial customers interested in in-house developments such as eco-visualization systems.

New center will also actively collaborate (develop, test and implement new solutions) with other organizations working in "Skolkovo", and with start-up companies.


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