New Self-Supporting Multipurpose Cable by Ensto Presented in Russia

New Self-Supporting Multipurpose Cable by Ensto Presented in Russia

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2014-06-25 09:06:33

European company Ensto presented a multipurpose self-supporting EXCEL/FXCEL/AXCES 10-20 kV cable designed for construction of isolated medium-voltage lines. Self-supporting cable features little weight (830 kg/km), and can be laid on the ground, underwater and by standard air cable support constructions.

The heightened construction strength helps the new cable to withstand various sources of exposure and physical pressure - such as fallen trees, freezing, storms and other sources of potential damage. Сable cores take on the greater part of tension.

Taisia Doroshina, main technician of Ensto Rus, told RUBEZH that the new cable’s main feature is its patented construction that allows for air installation without suspension cables.

"Application of multi-purpose cables in construction of air cable networks is justified when it is required that a line route should be laid in space-limited environments, when a cable area has high requirements for the safety of people and animals, and when there is a large number of overhead cable crossings" - explained Taisia Doroshina.

According to Doroshina, Ensto’s product is unrivalled in the Russian market and a number of networking companies have already expressed their interest and expressed desire to try out the new product, which emphasizes the traditional interest of Russian clients towards new unconventional solutions in the field of power industry.

The new EXCEL/FXCEL/AXCES cable can solve problems concerning low voltage at the consumer-end caused by great lengths of 0.4 kV lines. Using the new cable with existing support constructions of low voltage lines it becomes possible to move the 6(10)/0.4 kV transformer stations closer to the final consumer.

Источник: materials provided by Ensto

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