New Head of "Russian Space Systems" Andrew Tyulin Will Manage Import Substitution Routines

New Head of "Russian Space Systems" Andrew Tyulin Will Manage Import Substitution Routines

28 августа 2014, 13:27    328

2014-08-28 13:27:43

Russian satellites may soon be free of imported parts as they are being replaced by domestic-manufactured equivalents, as announced by Andrew Tyulin, new CEO of "Russian Space Systems". 

According to Tyulin, import substitution strategy has nothing to do with political sanctions and is aimed exclusively at the goal of eliminating space industry’s dependence from foreign manufacturers. 

In addition to already wide range of imported parts and components, the company has plans for replacing imported components in GLONASS navigation system. 

Previously, Andrew Tyulin worked as deputy director of strategic planning and enforcement of Defense Procurement Program of "Radio-Electronic Technology" concern. In his new position, he replaced the former head of Russian Space Systems Gennady Raykunov, who now will take over as vice president of science at the "Joint Space Corporation". 

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says that Andrew Tyulin’s appointment will allow Russian Space Systems become completely independent from imported equipment components. In addition, Rogozin is assured that Tyulin’s work in the company will have a significant impact on the process of import substitution in Russia in the field of component base.


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