New Development from NOVIcam: Colour Video Intercom and Power Supply Device

New Development from NOVIcam: Colour Video Intercom and Power Supply Device

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2014-06-10 17:12:44

The “NOVICAM” company introduced its two new developments to the market: intercom with movement detection and recording system and professional power supply device. Colour four-wire sensor video intercom NOVIcam PM76 has the following options: electronic lock control capability, voice and video connection. Colour sensor 7” display with high image quality can function as a digital photo frame. 

NOVIcam PM76 is designed for security systems at different sites: houses, apartments, offices and shops.  

Main characteristics:

  • 2 call video walls
  • 4 additional CCTV cameras support
  • Additional audio receiver
  • Electronic lock control
  • Manual/automatic/ in-motion photo and video recording
  • MicroSD card support (up to 32 Gb)
  • Multiplexing of 4 video intercoms into one network
  • “Away” and “Do not disturb” modes with voice messages

Professional power supply device PV-Link PV-DC3Ab can boast high-reliability components. The street version solves the problem of power supply for remote 12-V consumers. The power supply device is equipped with a pressurized module, which provides technical opportunities for commutation and installation of transceivers via the TP. This allows to avoid placing an individual hermetic box with the power supply device. 

The device is designed for security systems on the site with remote voltage network.

General characteristics:

  • Hermetic body
  • Reserve battery hook-up and charging option
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection function
  • Anti-short-circuit protection function
  • Anti-deep battery discharge protection function
  • Indicators of the device work
  • Option of placing a battery and one or two passive transceivers PV-207 inside the unit
  • Professional power supply device is capable of working in 24/7 mode without parameters deterioration

According to the media office of the producing company, the cost of video intercom NOVIcam PM76 is 6990 RUR and the power supply device PV-Link PV-DC3Ab - 2199 RUR.

Источник: “NOVICAM” company

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