Modernization of St. Petersburg’s Radio Broadcasting Network Will Cost More Than 500 Million Rubles

Modernization of St. Petersburg’s Radio Broadcasting Network Will Cost More Than 500 Million Rubles

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2014-07-01 09:11:51

Federal state unitary enterprise "Russian Broadcasting Networks" plans to create a universal technological platform that will integrate all current systems of public announcements in the northern capital. In order to implement the 5-stage project planned until 2017, the enterprise will have to spend more than 500 million rubles.

The Federal Agency of Communication (Rossvyaz) has already approved the implementation of the first two stages of modernization for 76 network facilities responsible for secure, targeted and timely notification of 30% of the city territory. The realization term is set to 2015 and the sum of 200 million rubles was allocated as the initial funding.

Head of the Federal Agency of Communication Oleg Dukhovnitsky emphasizes the need to modernize outdated public announcements systems by "transitioning from the current two-tier architecture to the three-tier one" and by digitalization of the network management system, allowing for a more reliable network and increased number of paging zones. Modernization will also enable continuous monitoring of end-devices.

Also, according to Dukhovnitsky, introduction of technologically independent licensing of businesses involved in the field of public announcements and emergency situation warnings will help to expand business opportunities of communications providers and will increase their responsibility, which very important in the process of creation, maintenance and development of ICT systems.

As a reminder, we shall note that in November 2013 in the Petrograd area of St. Petersburg federal state unitary enterprise "Russian Broadcasting Networks» was experimenting with a paging zone where emergency situation warnings and public announcements were delivered via sound alert systems installed outdoors and inside buildings. The experimental zone also featured multi-functional traffic lights system and a Wi-Fi Internet access point. The demonstrated centrally managed system was highly rated by the leaders of the Petrograd area administration.

Head of "LLC LUIS + Northwest" Denis Rabinovich in his interview for RUBEZH expressed confidence that "Russian Broadcasting Networks" will continue their course of innovative development and will successfully implement the modernization plan.

"Today, by using digital technologies in distributed systems of audio broadcasting, we can “kill” several birds with one stone: we gain the ability to flexibly set up desired settings, link aggregation is perfectly possible while active equipment is self-monitored thus reducing the time of failure reports, the amount of bulky equipment is also reduced, - says the expert. - And when one considers the extent of coverage and the crucial importance of urban public announcements systems, a major role is played by such factors as the ability to use fully connected network topologies, ability to utilize virtually unlimited address space of finite paging zones and simplification of sound-amplifying and active network equipment backup process. The ability to integrate with various automation and security systems is also of considerable importance - ability to unlock paging zones’ exits and passageways is a good example".


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