The Ministry of Economic Development Spoke About Procurement System Development Process In The Russian Federation

The Ministry of Economic Development Spoke About Procurement System Development Process In The Russian Federation

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2014-07-02 09:13:29

The Federal Purchasing System that started working in Russia since January 1, 2014, will soon undergo significant changes. All procedures will be electronic, customers will be obliged to pass certification with regard to knowledge of the legislation in the area of procurement, and in the near future there will be a unified catalog of products and services.

Deputy Director of the development department in the Federal Purchasing System, Alexey Galkin gave his report at a general membership meeting of the "National Association of Procurement Institutes" (Russian abbreviation: NAIZ).

According to Galkin, the law on electronic procedures is already being discussed in the government. "We plan that they will pass it until the end of the current session - says Alexey Galkin. – This will be a small revolution in the field of state procurement since every single procedure will be conducted in electronic format."

The official also noted that the law is open for discussion on-line and that experts can express their comments and criticisms, which are very important for the Ministry of Economic Development.

Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Abyzov who attended the meeting noted that the past six months constituted only the initial stage of the Federal Purchasing System implementation. The minister also said that the 44th Federal law is hardly going to give significant payoff at this stage. Among the problems, the minister noted weak knowledge of the legislation and its mechanisms among the customers, especially in regions.

The Ministry of Economic Development has its own vision addressing the issue of personnel training.

"There are many organizations that provide training for customers and suppliers, and each organization interprets the law differently, - Alexey Galkin commented regarding Abyzov’s words. – And then regulatory authorities come and customers are punished for what they were taught. We have the idea that customers should receive free certification with freedom to decide whether they need corresponding education or not."

Galkin compared the certification procedure with driving license examination. A simple test with 20 questions, and a contract manager either confirms his or her qualification or fails the test.

According to the official, 3 to 4 years are needed in order to complete the process of the Federal Purchasing System construction. The Integrated Information System is yet to be created and electronic trading platforms (ETP) require certain updates. A number of new ETPs currently being developed will be publicly available in 2015.

Another important aspect discussed during the meeting is the development of a unified catalog of products and services.

"The catalog should appear in 2017 - said Alexey Galkin. - When it is launched, it is going to be much easier for regulatory authorities to check customers’ justification of purchase since they will not be able to write just about anything in the documentation."

The official gave an example of a “trick” customers use when they need to hide their purchase from unwanted suppliers. When purchasing gasoline, for example, a lot called “transparent liquid for internal combustion engines" is announced and only a specific supplier is able to find this auction on website. When the catalog is introduced, customers should lose their ability to exercise in puns.

Another amendment that may appear before the introduction of the Integrated Information System comes from the National Association of Procurement Institutes (NAIZ). The organization is asking to provide customers with the ability to place purchases (and legally recognize the fact of such placements) on other platforms and on their own websites before the official announcement on the national web-portal According to experts, the amendment is necessary since experts often report failures in the work of the official state procurement portal.

Read more about the rules of procurement market and about the biggest purchases of security systems customers in the next issue of RUBEZH.

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