"Innoprom 2014" in Yekaterinburg Demonstrates Russian innovations

"Innoprom 2014" in Yekaterinburg Demonstrates Russian innovations

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As part of the International Industrial Exhibition "Innoprom 2014", which takes place in Yekaterinburg this year, Russian companies presented a number of innovations, including the unmanned aerial vehicle "Chirok" (teal) and "the tram of the future".

United Industrial Corporation (UIC), member of State Corporation Rostec, presented a drone codenamed "Chirok", with hovercraft design and an ability to take off without runway from any surface: soft soil, water surface, moorland, loose snow, etc. 

The model was tested in the Central Institute of Aerohydrodynamics n.a. Zhukovsky. Next year it is planned to present the drone at the International Aviation and Space Show. 

As reported by Rostec in the release, the drone has maximum takeoff weight of 700 kg, its maximum working load is limited by 300 kg. The device can be equipped with electronic optical equipment for various types of monitoring, as well as with high-accuracy weapons. The drone’s design allows concealing additional equipment inside the body, which significantly reduces its visibility and improves aerodynamic properties. 

The drone has maximum flight altitude and range of 6,000 meters and 2,500 kilometers respectively. 

"Chirok" will be launched into serial production in 2016. Over the next year and a half, UIC experts will continue to work on improvements to the technical characteristics of the UAV. According to Alexander Yakunin, CEO of United Industrial Corporation, the new drone will be in great demand in the energy sector and the Ministry of Defense. 

Ekaterina Baranova, External Communications Director of Rostec told RUBEZH correspondent that the market value of the new UAV is going to be 230-250 thousand dollars. The representative of Rostec did not specify whether structures like Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations, or private companies have expressed their interest in the new product. In addition, the state corporation did not announce plans on production volumes saying that it is "too early to speak about it." 

RUSSIA ONE, “the tram of the future” or as the media has already called it, “The Darth Vader Tram” is another notable entry of "Innoprom 2014". The informal name was given to the project of UralVagonZavod (Ural Wagon Factory) due to its  "unusual futuristic design." 

The new urban transport was designed and manufactured entirely in Russia, only door mechanisms were manufactured abroad. Alexey Maslov is the author of the tram’s design.

The tram is capable of passing small radius curves (16 meters) and will have 28 seats so not many people will be able to sit inside the "Darth Vader Transport" when it appears on the roads.

The cost of one such vehicle may be around one million euros. Serial production is planned for the autumn of this year. 

Some important agreements were made in the course of exhibition. U.S. company Cisco and Sverdlovsk Region Government became partners in order to work together on the problem of shaping of information society foundations and to implement information and communications technologies in the region. 

Eugene Kuyvashev, Sverdlovsk Region Governor and Sergey Chernovolenko, Managing Director of Cisco Russia/CIS signed appropriate documents. Cisco will develop concepts for creating digital and safe cities in the region, and will help develop the local high-tech cluster. It is also planned to create an information and commutations infrastructure in the region for the World Cup 2018 and other large-scale events. Cisco also signed agreements with the governments of Nizhny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk regions this spring.

Источник: materials provided by Rostec, UralVagonZavod and Cisco

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