Data From Surveillance Cameras in Moscow Will Be Used By Insurance Companies

Data From Surveillance Cameras in Moscow Will Be Used By Insurance Companies

02 октября 2014, 09:21    382

2014-10-02 09:21:28

Beginning today, October 1, 2014, amendments to the law on insurance come into force. The changes bring substantial increase in the European Accident Statement Protocol payments. The limit of payments for small traffic  accidents in Moscow and Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region was increased to 400 000 rubles from the previous limit of 50 000 rubles established on September 1, 2014. 

Moscow authorities have also decided to allow insurance companies gain access to the municipal video surveillance system. This innovation currently stays in the “test mode”. In order to clarify circumstances of accidents, insurers will be able use video records from the cameras after submitting a corresponding request. The testing period will last for 3 months, and following the results, it will be decided in what form third parties shall be given access to the city’s surveillance records.

However, while the official requirements for video recording systems are not fully developed, drivers will not be able to register accidents with their own devices. A corresponding government resolution will be adopted in the near future. 

In addition, in order to protect insurance companies against fraudulent activities, State Duma deputies have proposed the creation of a secure mobile application designed specifically to register European Accident Statement reports. The application will be able to project a scheme of an accident, register damages, and send navigation data, all without the participation of STSI inspectors.


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