Company "Rostelekom" installs system of video-monitoring of forests fire security in Penza region

Company "Rostelekom" installs system of video-monitoring of forests fire security in Penza region

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2013-08-28 14:34:30

An official state contract on organization and provision of surveillance systems for forests was signed by “Rostelekom” and the Ministry for Nature and Forest Management in the framework of Penza region fire safety. Surveillance system is located in three spots inside the borders of Bolshevyasskoe and Luninskoe forestries. All information received from the cameras is processed in the control center located in State Budgetary Institution of Penza Region "Forest Fire Center".

Such surveillance system is a software complex with HQ cameras. They are oriented towards the opportunity to change the viewing angle, use the data collection server, and have in-built uninterruptible power system for safety reasons.

The location of cameras on communications provider towers allows to detect the hot spot on the very early stage. After that the signal about the hot spot is automatically sent to the operator.

The existing "Rostelekom" communication channels connect to the Internet-resources In order to provide them with the opportunity to monitor the situation. The software was thoroughly developed by the company “DiSiKon” with orientation towards constant monitoring and recording of coordinated in case of forest fire.

21,4 % of Penza region territory is covered with forest determining the natural, ecologic, and economic resources of the region. Approximately 1/3 of the forests are conifers.

From the point of view of the deputy minister Valentina Suvorova, head of management department for forest management, such monitoring of forest fires with the help of surveillance systems is an innovation in the territory of Penza region. The head of management department also noted that this fact helps fast registration of hot spots in the forests and as a consequence makes quick firefighting possible. Also, the territories of Bolshevyasskoe and Luninskoe forestries are chosen for a reason because it’s there where the larges territories with conifers are located; they are considered the most fire-prone.


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