Cisco Will Continue to Develop Russian Market In 2015

Cisco Will Continue to Develop Russian Market In 2015

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2014-10-13 09:09:09

Matthew Smith, Global Head for Strategy and Planning of Cisco, shared the company’s 2015 plans for Russia with RUBEZH magazine correspondent. We asked what the company is planning to do in connection with the dollar rise. The conversation took place during the visit of Cisco delegation to Kazan. Recently, the company has opened innovations center based on The Department of Autonomous Robotic Systems of The Higher School of Information Technology and Information Systems of Kazan Federal University.

We will remain true to Russia 

We have been in Russia for very a long time. Both the private sector and the Russian Government were always very cooperative with the company – we saw a lot of investments in production, innovative branches, and people. Business can have its difficulties, but we will remain true to Russia, and we will keep our presence. Cisco will continue to develop Russian market in 2015. 

Cisco routes: Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg 

By 2015, we want to expand the scale of innovations here in Kazan. We will expand our presence in Yekaterinburg in the field of “machine-to-machine” connection technology (the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) concept). We intend to promote the development of innovative projects currently active in Moscow. 

Dollar against the ruble: misfortune or a blessing? 

Our banking investment will be much more valuable. Exports coming from Russia will be more competitive. 

We are ahead of the import substitution trend

We have an established Cisco production in Russia. Besides, we have partnership agreements with the Russian Academy of Sciences, according to which other factories produce their products under local brands. This is a local product. We produce only a portion of our product line in Russia, however, we are ahead of the import substitution trend - we started this process two years ago. Local manufacturing solution partly consists of our products, and partly – of products from our Russian partners. This solution actually contributes to the development of Russia's technological base and we absolutely support this, since this is not a threat for us but rather an opportunity to demonstrate that we have good partnership with Russia, that we try to implement a long-term strategy together with the Russian Government and private local companies.

From retail to the state sector 

Many projects are represented on all levels - in production, and in the state sector. There are ambitious projects in Moscow, such as "Safe City Moscow Project", and "Intelligent Moscow transportation system". In the great scheme of things, we have both small and large trading agents, including retail networks. We work with all customers who are interested in the development of reliable solutions used in video surveillance and in integrated security systems.

Innopolis prospects

The first thing that surprised and impressed me is how well thought out the entire project is – every possible positive aspect has been recovered, including the climate conditions - on the one hand, you have a golf resort, on the other - a ski resort. The project attracts a lot of talent, all human capital that exists in Russia, especially in the field of information technology, will be interested to participate. 

Russian depth and brightness attracts us

Competitiveness will depend on the choice of solutions and the speed with which they can reach the market. What attracts us in Russia - is the depth and brightness, the quality of engineering talents in Russia. We are focused not only on business in Russia, we are interested in actual technology and export to the markets of other countries. This is why the partnership we establish with Innopolis will be very beneficial. The idea is to work together on developing solutions that will be competitive not only in Russia, but will be also exported to other countries.

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