/ "Shvabe" Will Promote Russian Products On Foreign Markets

«Shvabe» Will Promote Russian Products On Foreign Markets

14 июля 2014, 09:07

2014-07-14 09:07:46

"Shvabe" holding, member of Rostec State Corporation, will conduct a series of activities aimed at improving competitiveness of its own products and products of "Stankoprom." 

A memorandum of cooperation was signed within the international industrial Exhibition "Innoprom 2014", which takes place in Yekaterinburg this year. Moscow State Technological University STANKIN also participated in the signing. 

Cooperation will be developed in the fields of science and technology, research, education and innovative entrepreneurial business. The partners set the promotion of their products both in domestic and overseas markets as the main priority of cooperation. 

In addition, "Shvabe" and "Stankoprom" featuring University STANKIN will stand as a base for a future regional engineering center.

Источник: rostec.ru

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